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Colonoscopies Save Lives!

March is national colorectal cancer awareness month so we’re doing our part to help you understand the benefits of screening and early detection. Colon cancer, also referred to as colorectal cancer, is a combination of colon cancer and rectal cancer. It affects the first and longest part of the large

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Stick it to Diabetes!

A1C is a blood test used to measure your average blood sugar over the past 3 months. It’s commonly used to diagnose diabetes or prediabetes and is the main test used for managing diabetes. High A1C levels are linked to complications with diabetes such as heart disease and nerve damage.

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Sleep On It

People spend one third of their lives sleeping yet never spend much time considering what happens while you sleep. Although the idea of sleeping is such a common and simple concept, sleep is one of the most complex and mysterious processes that exist. Sleep is essential for proper body and

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Shingles are for rooftops!

Shingles and chickenpox are caused by the same virus, Varicella-zoster. Shingles is a reactivation of the chickenpox virus that can appear years after a person has had chickenpox. There is no known reason for the reactivation of the virus, but it is thought that a person with a weakened immune

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