Welcome to Restoration Health Acupuncture & Nutrition The goal of medicine, Eastern and Western, should be to help the body do best what it already knows how to do. Our bodies are a “system of systems” and so too, should our approach to health be. We work with each patient’s “systems” as needed: their doctors, family members, diets, and lifestyles, to help them achieve their best health.

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Self-Care Workshop: Is Your "Healthy Diet" Really Healthy?

Self-Care will improve your life and eliminate stress when you include it in your daily routine. Join our holistic nutrition coach, Kathy, and find out just how healthy your “healthy diet” really is.

Sat, January 18, 2020

10:15 am – 11:45 am EST

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My One Being Spring Conference

This 2-day conference is perfect for anyone who is always busy, often puts themselves last, and needs insights on how to energize their business and career. Come for one or both days to learn self-care and create your business blueprint.

April 19-20, 2020

The Mansion at Natirar

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