Welcome to Restoration Health Acupuncture & Nutrition The goal of medicine, Eastern and Western, should be to help the body do best what it already knows how to do. Our bodies are a “system of systems” and so too, should our approach to health be. We work with each patient’s “systems” as needed: their doctors, family members, diets, and lifestyles, to help them achieve their best health.

What’s New

2020 Vision: Plan Your Perfect Year

Put your dreams and intentions into view and watch them manifest. We’ll supply the tools for you to create your own vision board and our team of professionals will provide some expert advice on how to make your vision a reality. This inspiring workshop also includes a needle-free Chinese Medicine balancing treatment.  

Thursday, 11/21/19


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Self-Care Workshop Eastern Medicine & Fitness

Join us for lunch and learn more about acupuncture and ways you can reduce stress and feel better.

Friday, 11/1/19


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