Acupuncture Testimonials


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“You brush your teeth to take care of yourself, why wouldn’t you do acupuncture?” – AA

“I can lift my arm higher than I’ve been able to.” – JC

“Oooh, that felt so good. (After first treatment for anxiety) – LF

“I’m no longer popping Advil like M&M’s.” – MC

“I’m so optimistic and excited!” (After first acupuncture treatment) – BG

“I never thought I’d get back to feeling like myself. Or better. And now I’m stronger. It’s a miracle.” – LF

“5 hours of no nausea after 6 months of straight nausea. It was euphoria!” – CR

“Ohhh, that was so relaxing.” (Following an acupuncture session) – BG

“I’m walking around barefoot without hopping and I’m feeling really good!” – AR

“I haven’t been using my cane. Even my wife says I’m walking better.” – JC

“It’s amazing! I’m feeling so much better now.” (Patient is no longer using a cane) – CB

“I feel strong and have no pain. Whatever we’re doing, it’s working. No offense, I didn’t believe it would.” – JW

“My neck hasn’t felt this good in 15 years!” – FL

“I’ve been sleeping better since coming here!” – AW

“I love my low back results. I didn’t know my back could feel this way!” (After 10 years of back pain) – AA

“I am so happy!! I can think clearly, the pain in my stomach is gone. I feel like myself again.” – LF

“My body feels like a different body. It feels like home. I’m not in pain.” – AA

“What I’m finding is that walking is a whole lot easier.” – JW

“It’s the best half hour of the day!” (Referring to acupuncture treatment) – BG

(Being treated for allergies) “I definitely don’t have post-nasal drip or sinus headaches like I used to. And I definitely have less phlegm.” – ST

“I already feel better than I did. It’s incredible!” (After acupuncture treatment) – CC

“I’m all Zen now…..”  (Following an acupuncture treatment) – LL

“It’s unbelievable all this conventional medicine they give you and nothing works. I had one treatment yesterday and I feel so much better. I’m even starting to get my smell back.” (Patient being treated for post-Covid symptoms) – SJ

“Dr. Lauren-From the moment I met you and your staff, I knew I was at the right place. I had seen many gastroenterologists who diagnosed IBS and suggested a variety of diets and medicines. Basically, I was told to learn to live with this. After years of doing so and the consequential anxiety, I had finally found someone who not only understood my challenges but also offered new hope. You listened patiently and answered all my questions. The acupuncture and dietary guidance you provided have improved the quality of my life. I highly recommend Restoration Health!
With heartfelt thanks and gratitude”-BG
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