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Feeling Anxious? Acupuncture Can Help

Anxiety is on the rise Life as we know it has been disrupted and many people who have never experienced anxiety before are finding themselves feeling anxious now. Clinically, we’ve seen an influx of both adults and adolescents whose anxiety issues have been triggered by COVID-19, the upcoming election and

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Post-Covid-19 Traumatic Stress Disorder – The Trauma is REAL.

“Suppressed grief suffocates, it rages within the breast, and is forced to multiply its strength.” Ovid (43 B.C. – 17/18 A.D.), Roman Poet The COVID-19 pandemic will no doubt leave an indelible mark on everyone. A few will remember this as time they were granted to slow down, exercise more, reconnect

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Reduce Arthritis Pain With Acupuncture

According to the Centers for Disease Control, over 54 million people have arthritis and more than 1 in 4 of those adults suffers from severe joint pain.1 Arthritis is pain, swelling and stiffness in the joints and may even result in decreased range of motion. The most common types are

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